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  • Janna Quincey

The Sense We Make

I think it's a natural human desire to want to make sense of things. We want to be sure. We want to arrive. We want to rest our bodies and minds in places of stability and finality. So... We spend our days connecting the dots [...] trying to fill in the gaps between two parts that we don't really understand. Our bodies know the truth of the moment, while our minds dwell in possibility. We struggle with the disconnect between what we have & what we desire. What we know & what we want to believe. So... We make up theories, hypotheticals, stories, and we talk a lot about what we have figured out and what we 'know' and where we are going.

We do this because it comforts us. We do this because it masks our uncertainty, our fears, our longing. We are taught that we need to know things, to be sure and confident. That we always need to make the right choices, to do the right thing ... So... We create narratives that explain our choices, our circumstances, our stories and we share them with ourselves and with others. We fill the silence, the gaps, the spaces of transition with 'answers' instead of questions. But, in reality, if we obsess about knowing and arriving at understanding ... we miss out on the nuanced beauty, the painful growth, and the limitless possibilities that can only live in the in between spaces ... in the unknown. Love & Light, Jay.


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