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The Alchemy of Love

I am not sure, if everyone is fortunate enough to find "the one" in every lifetime.

I could never promise you that. But I do know that some relationships (no matter how hard you try) simply cannot work, while some will sail smoothly with little effort, and others will fall short ... then suddenly reignite through rediscovery. I also know that when things end or don't develop how we desired, we are quick to shift the weight of responsibility off of our shoulders right onto the other person. They weren't enough of this or that, they did this wrong, they made this mistake. In reality, the frustration that we feel is that we couldn't change or mold them in to who we needed them to be for us in moments. But guess what? That is not how love works. We all vibrate at/on our own frequencies, we all develop on our own timelines and our simple (& sometimes selfish) DESIRE for someone cannot change their frequency and it certainly cannot speed up or slow down their development to meet ours. I have been in love with beautiful people at the wrong time. I've chosen the wrong person because I was "ready for love". I have forced my feelings onto people that were not ready to embrace or understand them. And I have turned my back on people that showed up emotionally naked ready to love me.

The beauty in each of those experiences turned lessons is understanding that I don't need to be in control. We can play all of the cards right and not win the love game because something in the divine equation is off. We can play all of the cards wrong and "win", but something in the divine equation may still be off! Instead of making quiet moments loud with our insecurities and egos ... let's choose silence. Silence ourselves, silence our egos, silence our expectations ... Let's sit with our true self alone and listen carefully. The truth is constant and unchanged ... the truth is always there no matter how often we pretend we don't hear it. Once we can do that ... once we can find alignment and balance and learn to tune our own frequencies ... we will manifest right relationship with the right partner. And it will be so natural that we won't have to do a damn thing else other than just be in order to know it. Today, I choose to challenge myself to allow my expectations of love to drain out and allow myself to be baptized in the now so that I can truly immerse myself in what is ... no questions, no resistance, no fear ... I surrender to the process ... I surrender to the pureness ...

I surrender to the alchemy of love.


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