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  • Justina Duenas


How has character and race become synonymous? What about character and religion? Is it the same way that basic human rights have become conditional? We say,

"you're only allowed peace of mind if...."

"You're only allowed success if..."

"You're only a TRUE American if..."

"You're only allowed to breath if..."




How did the American race become the superior race when the American race is a melting pot of all the "inferiors?" A country built by refugees is denying refugees. A country built by thieves serving consequences for thievery. A country built by another country's God, burying the ancient spirits beneath its feet. Because after all, every religion and race is beneath its feet, taking a seat on the highest horse, do us all a favor please.


You won't.

Is it fear that landing below you will finally reveal to you how much in common you actually have with "those people?" Or is it that you can see the anger burning in the eyes of the indignant, your special kind hell? We live in a country where an undeveloped fetus has more rights than a fully developed human. Rights we're born with are being given to the unborn. You treat us like animals and then scold us for acting like animals. We sit quietly in protest and you scream for the SWAT because "those people" are once again being "defiant." So you tell us, if we rioting is too animalistic & peaceful protest is defiant, what should one do?

If we remove the temple of the soul and see it just in its light, would we still be able to determine the humans character based on its appearance. Probably not. How do we, as humans, think it's okay to gain power over instead of giving power to? Why does one race have to maintain control? Why is only one religion the truth? Part of being "enlightened," or as the kids say, "woke," is not just about being knowledgeable. How many of us research the opposition to actually UNDERSTAND it? Or are we so ego-driven, open-mindedness is not actually a state we have reached, but a weapon of war we use? Is this the very weapon where you study the enemy, get to know the enemy, master the enemy so when it comes time to take down the enemy you are 150% prepared to do so?

The state of our country has ZERO to do with the events happening. The state of our country is a direct reflection of our collective state of mind. My questions arise out of curiosity. My questions arise to spark curiosity; for us to take a genuine look within and ask ourselves, "what if that were me?"


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