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This piece is meant to illustrate contrasting parallels of existence. My truth and observable experiences compared to Mother Natures own experience if she could indeed, quantitatively express herself. It speaks to the frustration of our negligence and to the callousness of her inhabitants.

PAINTING BY: Mario Nevado

My fear is restrictive. My passion is noble. My diet is peculiar. My thoughts are dissimilar. My interests are various. My approach is objective. My content is controversial. My arguments are opposed. My ideas are revolutionary. My shame is clandestine. My music is conscious. My taste is bizarre. My women are misused. My photographs are offensive. My roots are disconnected. My people are incognizant. My food is contaminated. My water is poisoned. My air is polluted. My teachers are impatient. My labor is in vain. My relationships are forced. My friends are few. My mind is enslaved. My soul is caged. My species lacks harmony. My voice goes unheard. My acts are unseen. My sisters are degraded. My youth are ignored. My homeless abandoned. My money is wicked. My government is corrupted. My thoughts are immoral. My friends are conformist. My planet is dying. My climate is changing. My oceans are toxic. My forest are fell. My city pollutes. My people are greedy. My resources are plundered. My people are selfish. My difference is discouraged. My insecurities suppress me. My humility is mistaken. My churches sell lies. My people oppressed. My animals are tortured. My trust is wilting. My children are molested. My clergy are perverted. My highways are dangerous. My law enforcement is brutal. My brother kills brother. My citizens are brainwashed. My freedom is taken. My consent is manufactured. My effort is useless. My words are profound. My misery is unneeded. My bloodshed is senseless. My sense is not common. My station is unchanged. My community is unorganized. My history is erased.


What is Mankind if he is unkind to man and other creatures. What is Human Nature if there is no room for nature in Humans. Humanity is a machine that consumes the earth! ~Solidarity


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