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Energy is currency

Go back in time and consider who you were (or at least thought you were). Now using introspection, ask yourself, are you the same person? Don’t consider “who you wish to be”. We never attract what we want. We only attract what we already are. We can only exist in the present but our future is shaped by the actions of our past. Think about that for a second… It seems rather obvious but most of us don’t consider the value of such thinking.

When you apply it pragmatically instead of abstractly, you create the conditions needed to manifest change. The difference between who you were and who you are is where change lives. The change that lives here is inspired by the conditions you create. The conditions you create are reflections of your focus. And focus is what you spend your energy on. Energy is currency and what you focus on grows. But you have to be ready and willing to grow in this space. Solidarity



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