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..And to the Republic.. for which it stands

You were pledging allegiance long before you even knew how to spell the word.

The verbiage never mattered. They were words in a cadence you were instructed to recite in primary school. Much like most unquestioned aspects of society we sing the words of the National Anthem. Just words until you analyze the historical significance and find yourself scratching your head.

Interesting how insight can change your eyesight.

It is with an unconscious, tactless and disconnected mind that one can dismiss the woeful message that guides the actions of Colin Kaepernick. Or is it shame and guilt that allows people to obscure the meaning behind his actions? They are united in a sort of quasi-conformed solidarity that is troubling. This oblivious allegiance to a historical immorality in this country reveals an even darker reality. Blind nationalism, which does not allow the rational nature of the human mind to assert itself, has crippled critical consciousness.

The messenger has become crucified for refusing to stand during the playing of a song that has a known oppressive history. We suddenly care less about social liberation of the oppressed, and more about honoring a symbol with devout sanctity.

Any disdain for it is seen as sacrilege.

Kaepernick's actions call into question; just what does it mean to be an American?

And if I am an American am I tied to its customary traditions and conventions? And if I am, am I in agreeance with the inception of those traditions? And if on my journey through life as my an American, I stumble upon knowledge that is damning to the nature of what I perceive as socially normal. Or what I have come to accept as normal in observing those conventions, causing me to stand up (or in this case, sit down) in defiant opposition to those conventions, do I by default, forfeit my right to be an American, making it acceptable to condemn me and my practice of the most passive acts of opposition or protest?

And if other Americans assimilate with that passive act of protest, are we just a collect group of complaining cry babies? Are the immoral deeds of the past just that, the past? If so, are we singing the redacted rendition of the National Anthem because we truly realize the implications of its original version?

Given our racially divided past, is there not a different song Americans could sing to showcase ones patriotic pride? One that doesn't harbor pro-slavery citations in its lyrics?

What is Patriotism and why does it appear to be so blind. Is patriotism righteous at the expense of others? Meaning is it still noble if others are denigrated to become it? Why is it important to be patriotic? Surely there are more unified ways to show devotion for ones country and countrymen. I guess fighting for "Liberty and Justice for All" makes me a heretic who needs to leave the country if he doesn't agree with poor and unfair practices sanctioned by his country. To be patriotic, is to turn a blind eye to Americas injustices.

These are the kind of thoughts that plague my mind. I write about them in therapeutic form but they linger like moist fog on a Georgia morning. This outlet is not enough.

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